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Hi All,
I am Sunny Dhanoe, a nobody, currently in strong argument with life; little moody and sort of stubborn as well! And I adore people who talk straight forward, keep their words, are sincere, have the courage to say the things as they are and take responsibility for their actions!
By the way i'm a "If-it-is-tO-be--it-is-uptO-ME" Kinda Guy from Mumbai. A Software Developer by profession, A Biker, A Hardcore Gamer, an absolute pet-lover and a Proud Indian!!!. I'M A Die-Hard Fan Of Indian Army and a LOyal Manchester United (MUFC) a.k.a Man Utd Supporter... Only two things run through my blood - Music & Sports. A Big Soccer Fan & a HardCore Metal Song Worshipper. My fav Cricket Club is "Mumbai Indians"
i'm a part time Blogger. I'm the kind of person who is willing brighten your day through my blogs, even when i cant brighten my own....lol
My Blogs are not related to any thing in particular other then my personal thoughts. For me Life is full of drama & memories. Live it. Love it. Learn from it.
Thank you for stoping by. Tell me what you think about ME and my blogs. I welcome all of your comments and suggestions. Constructive criticism will be appreciated as much as appreciations!
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Ciao...tkcr :D

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